Springbank Secondary College is a unique provider of alternative learning pathways. Thomson Rossi became immersed in the school’s aspirations and how important its unique community and small but diverse student cohort are central to the gestation of any physical transformations for future learning spaces on campus. Fighting off moves to close, the school gained a new mandate from the Minister for Education to prosper and succeed. We offered a trusted and assured ability to take Springbank’s vision and sense of purpose to a new level of innovation, tailored specifically to the school’s community needs.

In collaboration with the School, the Department for Education and other stakeholders, the design process established the existing conditions of the School, the desired learning possibilities and manipulated the existing building footprint to provide large, flexible learning spaces that are purpose built and designed to fit the unique curriculum of Springbank Secondary College. The project scheduled for completion at the end of 2023 will support the STEAM educational philosophy through both internal refurbishment and external undercover learning environments.

Year of Completion: 2022-2023

Project Budget: $10m